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We, at Ships-Yachts, are Australia’s prestigious marine marketplace. By offering bespoke services, we take immense pride in being one of the most respected boat dealers, brokers and private sellers, having a dynamic and low-cost online market. Being the best at what we do, we strive towards making buying and selling a marine vessel easier, affordable and extremely efficient for all. By incorporating the dealer websites with high-traffic boat purchasing websites, we offer boat brokers and dealers a viable platform to get the ball rolling with a cost-effective advertising and administrative solution!

We are continually strived towards building a leading presence in the commercial and recreational boating marketplace, keeping our focus on offering an extremely economical solution for boat dealers, brokers and private sellers. By listing boats located within the Australian territory, we don’t just restrict our services to the Australian clients; instead, we also endeavour to importers having permanent representation within Australia!

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We take immense pride in our bespoke brokerage division in Australia. Being one of the largest boat and yacht dealers and brokers, we have a vast selection of both used and new yachts available on our website. Due to our massive network that expands worldwide, we proudly say that no other boat and yacht dealers and brokers in Australia offer the coverage that we do. From offering more listings to our customers and a list of viable and convenient options to choose from, it all comes down to our team of experts that are thoroughly well versed with the ins and outs of delivering utter customer satisfaction. Together with our remarkable online presence and an unparalleled network, we know what it takes to suffice our customers with the best of everything!

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Apart from sufficing our valued customers with the most affordable online classifieds from the marine industry, we at Ships-Yachts view boating as an utter way of life and not just a mere commodity. We take immense pride in our capabilities to benefit the boating community by providing affordable marine vessel buying services, including all sorts of watercraft. So, whether you plan on buying a superyacht or a cruise ship, you can rest assured that your needs would be well catered to at our designated online marketplace. We are continually strived towards delivering relevant information that is not only logical but is also easily accessible so that you can rest assured that you’d get the most out of your boating experience. We aim towards de-fragmenting the marine industry by emerging out as an information hub of the products and services that are certain to meet the diverse needs of the boating enthusiast within the marine community!

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Our team of marine experts are not only the connoisseurs at what they do, but they are also the long term boating enthusiasts, sharing the same passion as you. From cruising to racing yachts, refurbished boats to luxurious superyachts, we have a pool of premium boating options that are certain to meet your specific set of needs. Here, at Ships-Yachts, we are all about simplicity and convenience of our clients from the boating community as we prioritise your love for being on the waters no matter what your circumstances are!

It matters not how older or newer the model is, our bespoke online marketplace is categorised in such a way that it allows you to make the most out of it. We take immense pride in our ability to have sold a massive number of boats and yachts from industries most leading manufacturers. Whether you’re a Catalina lover or an Azure enthusiast, we have got a solution for it all. After all, we are the boats and yacht sale experts that you can unwaveringly count on!

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