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Azure Yachts – A Excerpt from The Books of Pioneers!

The Azure Yachts were expertly crafted with a specific perspective of continually pushing the boundaries of naval architect, designing and yachting services. With a perfect mix of technical development and creative design, an Azure Yacht is constructed for perfection, sturdiness, luxuriousness and elegance. Considering the durability that Azure Yachts are meant to deliver, Azure takes immense pride in serving an extensive clientele that includes owners, shipyards and yacht brokers from across the world. Azure has always been known for offering an entire spectrum of bespoke marine services in the quest to improve luxury yachting experience. This has allowed Azure Yachts to feast on perks like increased efficiency, maximum flexibility and delivering astounding yachts for marine lovers.

Diving deep into the technicalities of an Azure Yacht, described below are some of the features that Azure owners proudly flaunt on:


An Azure Yacht offers generous accommodation for up to 8 guests. In order to cater to the comfort of the people aboard, an Azure Yacht also carries up to 3 crew members to assure a luxury yachting experience.


Considering the material and the finesse, an Azure Yacht is a perfect depiction of expert craftsmanship. What makes it a much better marine vessel than the rest is the fact that an Azure Yacht is built as per the RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) rules.


Owning an Azure Yacht, the owners enjoy the perks of a massive 2 MTU (16V2000M90) diesel engine, ensuring a maximum speed of up to 28 knots. To keep up with an optimum performance at all times, the Azure Yachts are made to carry approx 10,500 litres of diesel in addition to an impressive 2,500 litres of freshwater.