Boat Finance

Affordable Boat Financing, Made for All!

We, at Ships-Yachts, are one of the leading names in the marine industry with a proven record of catering to a vast clientele with unique boat financing needs. With the experts that we have a board, we take immense pride in our ability to suffice our customers with bespoke financing services for all sorts of marine vessels, matters not if they plan on having a new or a used boat financed. With affordability as one of the most preeminent factors of our boat financing services, it would be an understatement to say that we are the most trusted and reliable finance brokers all over Australia!

Ever since we stepped into the marine industry, we have focused on offering our customers the best. This is the reason why our boat loans feature the lowest interest rates. Moreover, with our proven ability to negotiate well for our customers as a value-added benefit, it all comes down to what YOU need rather than what we have at our disposal! With our all-encompassing assessment process, we look forward to genuinely helping you find financial solutions that are the perfect match for your unique circumstances. At Ships-Yachts, we are continually strived towards sufficing you with bespoke boat financing opportunities that are topped with the following benefits:

  • Quick approvals
  • Complimentary credit assessment
  • Tailored solution for your unique circumstances

We’re A Team of Highly Experienced Boat Loan Brokers You Can Trust!

Here, at Ships-Yachts, we take immense pride in the reputation that we have built over the years. For the fact that we are a team of trusted and renowned finance brokers, you can rest assured that your unique needs are being dealt with by professionals. With a decade worth of experience that we proudly bag, our success comes down to our unique business approach, dedication, work ethic and our commitment towards utter customer satisfaction. Having spent several years within the financial broker industry, we’re extremely well-versed with the ins and outs of offering exceptional boat financing services at cheaper rates. Not only that, but we also know what it takes to make every aspect of your boat financing tailored as per your individual needs. For the fact that we have been recognised and accredited by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, we take immense pride in helping individuals find viable boat financing packages that are tailored as per their individual needs!

Why Choose Our Bespoke Boat Financing Services?

We firmly believe that the most exquisite boating experience starts with affordable and flexible fiscal planning. This is the reason why we prefer walking the extra mile so that you can always be well catered to from start to finish. From offering bespoke advice to helping you find the best financing package, assisting you with affordable loan repayment schedules to making sure that you make the most out of our services, we work with an extensive network of lenders – making it easier for you to buy your dream marine vessel.

Here, at Ships-Yachts, we make sure that you, being our customer, are sufficed with the best there is. This is the reason why we prioritise your convenience and help you with repayment methods that are convenient as per your financial standings. With options like weekly, bi-monthly and monthly repayments, we provide our customers with a pool of repayment options that are tailored as per your needs. Should you need more reasons to have our experts cater to boat financing needs, explained below are some of the most convincing reasons we’re the best in the business:

We understand your requirements

We invest our time in comprehending your needs, making it certain that you are sufficed with the best option available to finance your dream marine vessel.

We provide tailored loan options

Here, at Ships-Yachts, we make great use of our unmatched connections and vast industry knowledge to suffice you with boat financing options that cater well to your needs.

We’re the connoisseurs of what we do

The expert finance brokers we have aboard have several years of experience and are well equipped with the right tools to help you get your hands on the most convincing boat financing option.

We are all about offering thorough support

Customer satisfaction is the heart of what we, at Ships-Yachts, are known for. This is why we strive to serve you from start to finish; standing by your side to ensure your brilliant customer experience.

Ships-Yachts; Helping You find The Lowest Interest Rate on Boat Financing Options!

For the fact that we offer the lowest interest rates on our boat loan options, we cherish an impeccable reputation amongst other finance brokers in the marine industry. Whether you plan on purchasing a new watercraft or a reconditioned one, our experts have got an impressive financing solution for it all. Long story short, we are all about offering a vast range of boat financing options that are certain to help you sail smoother!