Mercury Inflatables


Portability, Comfort and Safety – Our Mercury Inflatables guarantee it all!

At Ships Yachts, we believe that setting sail shouldn’t be complicated. Which is why we provide our valued customers with a wide range of inflatable boats, offering them convenience and portability at the best possible price range. Quick to set up and easy to store away, Mercury Inflatable boats are the perfect companion for those who like to sail without any intricacies.

Built to Last, Mercury Inflatables offer you Immense Security!

With our diverse range of Mercury boats, our customers have the option to choose from endless varieties of rigid inflatable vessels, each of which has a high capacity to carry heavy weights effortlessly. Not only is our range of Mercury’s bespoke Inflatables extremely resistant to trauma, but it also features easily repairable and replaceable parts, helping your boat last a lifetime.

Why Choose an Inflatable Boat?

From recreational boaters, marine professionals and first responders to the military, Mercury inflatable boats are a trusted name throughout the country. Being the number one choice for different marine sectors, our range of inflatable boats caters to everyone, regardless of their budget. Should you need more reasons to trust us, feast on a few reasons as to why our Mercury Inflatable boats are the right choice for our diverse clientele:

  • Because of their inflatable siding and laminate hull construction, these boats are as lightweight as they come!
  • An excellent build with no stability issues.
  • Deep V-Hulls that work to ensure smooth and responsive manoeuvring
  • Mercury Inflatables are specially designed to support potent motors.
  • Low-cost fuel expenditure, freeing you from any budgeting woes.

Work More Efficiently with our Mercury Inflatables!

Mercury has been a distinguished name manufacturing the most premium quality inflatables throughout Australia – and we are dedicated to delivering their diverse range to you! Matters not if you’re working or having fun, get yourself a premium Mercury Inflatable to make your experience in the Southern waters as comfortable as it can get!