Quintrex Boats


Our Quintrex Boat Range – Helping You Set Sail Luxuriously!

At Ships Yachts, we understand that sailing the seven seas requires not only precision but also utmost comfort. With our Aluminum Quintrex Boats, our customers are provided with more than just a vessel, they receive an entire experience! Whether you want to indulge in the pure joy of fishing alone or spend a lazy evening with your friends and family – a Quintrex makes everything better. These sturdy vessels are Australia’s bestselling boat brand, and with our range of Quintrex aluminium boats for sale, Ships Yachts won’t disappoint you.

Why Choose a Quintrex?

Our expert team makes sure to understand your needs and help you buy your perfect Quintrex boat, at perfect rates! Should you need more reasons to know why a Quintrex is the right boat for you, let us tell you:

1. Quality

With the literal cutting edge performance of these boats, your sails are guaranteed to be smoother than you could have imagined. For over 60 years Quintrex has pioneered the use of stretch forming technology to bring boat enthusiasts the smoothest riding designs on the water!

2. Impeccable Detail

These fine quality boats are a sailor’s dream! The innovation and individual attention to the smallest of details, getting yourself a Quintrex will definitely be the smartest decision you will ever make.

3. Value For Money

Designed and built for Australian waters, A Quintrex will never do you wrong! Its standard features that include stereos, two-way radios, lighting, canopies, and so much more are guaranteed to make this purchase worth your time and money.

Get Yourself Our Quintrex – We know you’ll love it!

Here, at Ships Yachts, our range has an option for every purpose, every size and every experience. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious boat to explore the seas with your family, or a personal boat to spend some time with yourself – trust our Quintrex boats to help you sail as smoothly as ever.