Revival Boats


The Revival Boat Specialists You Need

Built right in the heart of Melbourne, Revival boats are impeccably sturdy and suited for rough Australian waters. These boats, with their fibreglass hull that remains perfectly stable at rest, offers not only a smooth ride but also a fantastic value for your money! Built by expert boat builder Sam Catanese, our diverse Revival boats has always been a best seller, delivering life-changing experiences every time.

Providing You Premium Quality Boats, Unlike Anyone Else!

We, at Ships Yachts, we take pride in providing our customers with the entire range of impeccably built Revival Fibreglass boats. From the 525 Runabout and Cuddy through to the 580 Cabin boat and the offshore 640 Fisherman, Revival boats are built to cater to anyone and everyone! Easy to launch and anchor, with the smoothest sail and plenty of legroom for you and your family to relax – Let us help you take on the rough Southern Bays with our tried and tested Revival boats.

Enhance Your Quality of Life with Our Revival Boats

If you’re trying to find the perfect boat for some leisure time with your family, look no further and trust our extensive range of premium quality Revival boats, safe and ideal for all your adventures. If you need more convincing, let us tell you why you should go for a revival boat if you’re a lover of the sea:

  • Dead straight tracking as soon as the boat takes off.
  • A guaranteed soft and stable ride.
  • Smooth sails even in rough weather and strong winds.
  • Whether you’re looking to fish, ski or cruise overnight – Revival boats are built to last.
  • Handcrafted with the highest quality marine-grade wood.
  • Immense value for money when compared to all other brands in the market.