Silent Yacht

Silent Yachts

Silent Yachts – A Peek into What Brilliance Feels Like!

‘Silent Yachts’ is one of the first and only marine vessel production that constructs sustainable yachts that are not only solar-powered but are also entirely driven on solar energy. It would certainly be an understatement to term them as a solar-powered luxury, floating graciously over the mighty oceans. With extraordinary accomplishments that Silent Yachts has bagged in over the years, it is safe to say that they are the future of luxury yachting. Taking a sneak peek into the perks of owning a Silent Yacht, here is a list of features that the yacht owners proudly flaunt upon:

  • 100% Solar-Powered
  • Infinite cruising range

  • Maintenance-free motors for lifetime
  • Fume-less and noiseless cruising
  • Crafted with premium quality materials
  • A safe marine propulsion system
  • Solar panel warranty for up to 25 years
  • Battery bank warranty for up to 10 years

Silent Yachts – Your Route to Indulge in an Awe-inspiring Experience of a Lifetime!

Silent Yachts has successfully developed a scalable and modular system which efficiently reduces the operation-hours when compared with the traditional diesel-engine yachts. For the fact that they are solar-powered, it is needless to mention that the fuel-consumption is literally zero. With Silent Yachts, the owners are entitled to an extensive list of perks that starts off with noiseless cruising, little to no maintenance and maximum affordability as compared to any traditional fuel-dependant marine vessel. Should you be wondering what makes Silent Yachts an excellent choice for cruising, it all comes down to experiencing an enduring experience of water-sporting, without having to deal with annoying noises or exhausts. In simpler words, owning a Silent Yacht is all about luxury, independence, comfort, safety and reliability!