Tayana Yacht

Tayana Boats - A Class Apart!

Tayana boats have always been regarded as one of the leading names in the marine industry for all the right reasons. With a rich history that Tayana proudly cherishes, a Tayana Boat is an epic depiction of what comfort, luxuriousness, elegance and affordability looks like. Unlike the traditional marine vessels, a Tayana boat generally has a deep draft with an exceedingly wide beam, making it one of the most favourable boats for sailing, overnight cruising and adventurous watersports. What makes Tayana a class apart is the fact that it designs the vessels with an efficient inboard and outboard propulsion system which are also available in diesel fuel systems. Moreover, a Tayana model also varies in shape, length and size while also featuring unique boat hull types – including displacement, monohull, catamaran and various other!

An Insight into Some Tayana Yachts That Have Been Remarkable!

Tayana 37

Tayana 37 was designed with an aim to ignite imaginations of a tropical sunset in exotic locations. With a remarkable teak-craftsmanship that it proudly flaunts and a beautiful custom interior, the Tayana 37 is a work of art, to say the least. Wrapped in a double-ender hull with a full keel, Tayana 37 was built for sturdiness, luxuriousness and comfort – aiming to bestow the boat owners with an experience of a lifetime!

Tayana 46

Tayana 46 is the perfect balance of speed, power and added luxury; making her one of the most convenient marine vessels with an ability to cross the world’s oceans without compromising on safety and comfort. The design of Tayana 46 depicts brilliant craftsmanship that makes it one of the most reliable yachts to sail through the roughest sea conditions with optimum power and control.